What Is Zerg Rush?

Question: What Is Zerg Rush?

So, you’re waiting outside your favorite store, and it’s sale time. So exciting! You’ve got your eye on that 50-inch TV, and nobody is going to stop you getting it. Wait, the doors are opening. Here we go! Argh…the crowd is upon you. You fall. You can’t get up. “Come on dude, it’s a Zerg rush,” somebody shouts as they step on your face.
Answer: Ardent fans of real-time strategy game Starcraft will know exactly what a Zerg rush is, and collectively nod their heads in awe. In this classic RTS game, members of the Zerg race are known for their ridiculously fast unit building times¬†and being able to inflict severe damage on their opponents’ base. Today, the term can be used as a meme together with practically any image that depicts a stampede, battle, march or a large crowd. Google also got in on the Zerg action in 2012 with its Zerg Rush Easter egg.

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