What is Trap Queen?

Question: What is trap queen?

So, you had a good day helping out a friend¬†with a problem, and it feels good to get home to relax for a while with some music. Suddenly your phone beeps with a new text message. It says “Thanks for your help today. You’re such a trap queen.” Wait…is that good or bad? Is the person being sarcastic? Time to find out!
Answer: ¬†The good news is that it’s all good…and possibly a bit bad. You see, if you’re a trap queen, you’re smart, funny, hot and as loyal as a Labrador, but you’ve also got a bit of a bad ass about you. The term actually comes from a song of the same name by American rapper Fetty Wap. In the video, Fetty’s trap queen shows her loyalty by helping him to make and distribute drugs. While we can’t condone that behavior, loyalty is something we can definitely get behind. Since the song hit number 2 in the Billboard charts, there have been many trap queen memes and parody remixes made.

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