What Is TL;DR?

Question: What Is TL;DR?

Are you a person with a lot to say? Do you find it hard to send short replies to emails and posts? Do you ever find your hands whizzing over the keys and then hitting send with a smug look on your face? Sure, it’s a long post, but it’s fantastic and people have the time to read it. Look, there’s a reply already. It says “TL;DR. You suck!” Well, how rude!
Answer: TL;DR stands for “too long; didn’t read,” and it can be taken in many ways. Either the text was, in fact, too long and boring, or the person is trolling you. Either way, it stings. Want to know something else? TL;DR can also be used sarcastically, even when you’ve purposely kept things short or abbreviated a long story for those with busy lives. What a wicked web these memes weave!


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