What Is Slenderman?

Question: What Is Slenderman?

Who doesn’t love a relaxing stroll through a beautiful forest? The birds are singing, and the trees are gently bending in the breeze. What a day to be alive! Hey, what’s this? Is that a businessman? He must have got lost on his lunch break. Better tell him the way out. Nice suit. Must have a good tailor. You tap him on the shoulder. Woah, this guy is tall. He’s turning around. “Excuse me, sir. Are you los…argh!”
Answer: Bad luck, you just ran into Slenderman. This mythical paranormal creature is said to have been spooking people for centuries and to have visited every corner of the globe. They say he wears a sharp black suit and has no face. They say he is tall, thin and able to stretch out his arms to terrifying proportions and ensnare his victims with his long pale fingers. They say he sometimes wears a hat. Never fear. As long as you familiarize yourself with him enough, you’ll know how to avoid his cold grip. So, still feel like a walk in the forest?

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