What Is Senpai?

Question: What Is Senpai?

You just got off the phone to your friend. She’s hysterical. In between the sobs, you managed to pry one coherent sentence out of her before she wailed in despair and hung up. “Why? Why won’t Senpai notice me?” she cried, and you have absolutely no idea how to help, or what the hell she meant. Time to do some research.
Answer: Senpai? It’s a Japanese thing, and its roots are set firmly in anime. A Senpai is anybody older in life that you might look up to and who you desperately want to notice you. This term isn’t usually reserved for teachers or people in authority, but for people higher up in the food chain or mentors who are highly respected. We’re talking CEO and sensei status. When will Senpai notice you? Probably never, actually.

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