What Is OTP?

Question: What Is OTP?

Do you believe you have a soul mate? Perhaps you’ve already met that special person who laughs when you lick orange Cheeto dust from your fingers like you haven’t eaten in weeks, or who loves “Ice Road Truckers” as much as you do. If you have, then you’ve found your OTP, and it’s just beautiful, man.
Answer: So, OTP stands for “one true pairing,”¬†and it’s taken the internet quite by storm in recent years. The term derives from another term, shipping, which in turn comes¬†from the word “relationship.” If you’ve ever wanted two of your favorite fictional or real-life people to get together romantically, and you’ve written about it, you’ve just shipped them into a one true pairing, or OTP. Confused? Check out some of this fan fiction.

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