What Is My Little Pony?

Question: What Is My Little Pony?

Your best friend just called, and he has something to tell you. It sounds urgent, but he also sounds full of angst. You dash on over. He sits you down as he paces the room. Suddenly, he grabs you by the shoulders, and says, “I’m a brony! There I said it. I love “My Little Pony.” I love the show, I love the figures, and I even love brushing their shiny tails! So shiny. Are we still friends?” What the hell is he talking about?
Answer: Okay, it’s nothing to sever your friendship over. He’s just crazy over a TV series, that’s all. “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”┬áis a cartoon series of Canadian/American origin. It features a colorful cast of mane-tossing ponies who would do anything for each other, especially when there’s a problem to solve. Since the show debuted in October 2010, it’s gained a huge following online with kids and adults alike. The older viewers often refer to themselves as bronies if they’re male, and pegasisters if they’re female.

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