What Is MFW?

Question: What Is MFW?

Did you know you have 43 muscles in your face alone? Pretty cool, huh? Every single muscle is responsible for helping you to pull that special face that matches your emotions. Did you also know that it takes 10 muscles to smile, and only six to frown? Okay, okay, enough of the science bit. We know what you’re here for. MFW, right? Here we go.
Answer: MFW stands for “my face when,” and it’s one of our favorite memes. Why? Because when you combine one person’s stupid facial expression with a sarcastic comment, the results are hilarious. It’s even better if the person in question is a celebrity! The term first popped up on 4chan image boards in 2010, when users would often reply to a comment with just “mfw” in the subject header and a reaction face photo in the body of the message.

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