What Is Me Gusta?

Question: What Is Me Gusta?

So, you’ve just finished that big assignment you were working on. You’re so proud of what you’ve achieved. You give it one final read and then email it to your professor. He’s going to be so impressed. You’re expecting lots of high-praise comments and a straight A, so it’s a little peculiar when you receive an email with nothing on it other than “Me gusta!” and a drawing of a pained face. WTH?
Answer: He likes it, but then again, he may hate it a bit too. Me gusta is a rage comic face that can be used to express approval and disgust at the same time. “Me gusta” simply means “I like it” in Spanish. When it was originally used almost a decade ago, the face was a response to content of a sexually perverse nature, but now, it’s used in a more general sense when somebody is feeling satisfied and horrified at the same time.

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