What Is HMU?

Question: What Is HMU?

It’s Friday night, and you’re bored. It’s time to send an SMS to your buddies to see what they’re up to. You punch out, “I’m bored. HMU,” and wait for the responses. Within 10 minutes, there’s a knock on the door. You jump off the bed and race downstairs. It’s your friends! “Hey! Where’s the unicorn?” they all ask in unison. Did you mishear, or did they really just ¬†ask if you had a unicorn?
Answer: Yep, you heard them right, but it’s not your fault you’re confused. There was a time when HMU simply meant “hit me up,” but those times are gone. The people of the world have spoken, and after much debate on a number of forums, they’ve agreed that HMU should officially stand for “hold my unicorn.” No, we don’t really understand it either, but you can’t argue with the internet. There’s even a song about it.

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