What Is FML?

Question: What Is FML?

Life can deal a bad hand sometimes. It can make you miss the bus, lose your wallet or forget to ask for extra pickles on your burger. It’s times like these you need a really outstanding one-liner with a bad curse word thrown in for good measure. Well, life just got a little better, friend. Allow us to introduce you to FML.
Answer: FML stands for “fuck my life,” and it’s the perfect way to acknowledge a bad day or situation. Although you’d think this term would be reserved for the terrible, catastrophic things that happen in life, its charm really comes out when it’s uttered after a fairly trivial event. Pulled the ring pull off your soda can? FML. Stepped into a puddle? FML. Paper cut on your pinky finger? FML. Want to share your wearisome woes with other unlucky souls? Head on over to the official FML forum for some real-life life flops.

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