What Is e621?

Question: What Is e621?

Mmm…e621. You just can’t get enough of it. Better known as monosodium glutamate, or MSG, food just isn’t the same without it, and you just love websites dedicated to the stuff. Wait…what is this? People dressed up in fur costumes, and some in very compromising poses? This isn’t the e621 you know and love. What is this?!
Answer: Oops, you took a wrong turn. e621.net is actually a website that archives furry content like this, and anthropomorphic (that’s animals with human features) content like this. You’ll also find a lot of yiff content, if yiff is your type of thing. What is yiff? Okay, you asked for it — the next part comes with a warning, so if you are of a fragile disposition, here are some lovely flowers to look at before you leave…now. Yiff is the sound that arctic foxes are said to make when mating, and if you really want to know how that relates to furries, we’re happy to oblige. Those flowers are still there if you need to get your mind back to a safe place.

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