What is dab?

Question: What is dab?

You’re walking with your best friend in the mall when suddenly his favorite hip hop song blasts from a store sound system. He drops his head, throws his right arm in the air and rests his face on his other elbow. WTH? Before you dial 911 and call him an ambulance, tap him on the shoulder and ask him if he’s dabbing. Say what now?
Answer: The dab or dabbing may look terrifying at first, but rest assured that it is totally harmless. It’s actually a style of hip hop dancing that has been used on the football field since 2015, and which is believed to have originated from Atlanta’s urban scene. Cam Newton of NFL California Panthers fame, performs the dab after every touchdown, much to his fans’ delight and his opponents’ annoyance. Music releases like Migo’s “Look At My Dab” and Skippa Da Flippa’s “How Fast Can You Count It?” are just some songs that reference the dance. And it’s not just the sports and music world that are hooked. It seems like you guys love a little dabbing too if theseĀ images and videos are anything to go by.

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