What is Bae?

Question: What is Bae?

You’ve just met the love of your life, and you’ve been texting non-stop for days. Then a text comes in that has you reaching for the dictionary — “Bae?” Is there a letter missing? Did they get your name wrong? Is it an abbreviation? Before you send that suspicious text and ruin the sentiment, here’s what it means.
Answer: Bae is a term of endearment much like baby or sweetie, or umm…wittle nookie nuk-nuks. It’s also the Dutch word for something else, but we won’t go there. Bae can also mean “before anybody else” and so if somebody is saying it to you, it means they like you very much. Yay! Wait…it can also be very annoying, which is probably why so many mocking bae memes have been circulated in the last year or so.

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