The 10 Best Happy Birthday Memes On The Internet


The 10 Best Happy Birthday Memes On The Internet


In ancient times, people used to celebrate birthdays by sending each other pieces of cardboard through the mail that were covered with stupid pictures and terrible rhymes. Sometimes, a Lincoln or a Jackson would fall out, but those days were rare. Then civilization happened.

In the Internet Age, we get email reminders and then post stupid online pictures and terrible rhymes on our friends’ profile pages. If you’re really lucky, your grandma will hit you up with a Venmo.

This year, make it extra-special. Here’s a countdown of the best happy birthday memes that you’ll be sending out and pretending that you made.


1. The B.I.G. day

Quick Quiz: When is it cool to be old? When you’re old school. Send this one out to your most Notorious friends.


2. “I know that sounds like some kind of cat poster, but…”

Did you seriously think you were going to get through a list of funny birthday memes without a kitten? No, you didn’t.


3. So many memes…

Yes, you’re going to have to listen to all the easter eggs they found for about a year.



4. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not kid ourselves.

Birthdays are a time to recognize what really matters most to us. Did I say what? I meant who.



5. Then there’s that one friend that always has to make it real.

Ok, I’m sorry I even checked my Facebook notifications today.



6. When you care enough to send the very best, send helium.

If you were thinking of skipping the helium this year, just don’t. Normal balloons are not right in the head. How not right? Think about it….


7. Happy Unbirthday to You! No presents, just cake.

Can you believe that some people actually think they need an excuse to eat cake?


8. You’re not alone. Oh wait, yes you are.



9. You had ONE JOB!!!

Maybe you can mail them to somebody named “on Both.”



10. And now it tastes like wax. Thanks.

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Besides the fire extinguisher industry.